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Lawyers need more time to do their job. Click here for article. 


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The Dangers of Perfectionism: Being perfect sounds good but the pressure can affect your physical and mental health. Organizational psychologist Rachel Setti offers some solutions. Click here for article. 

Rachel Setti Publication Feb 15

The Law Society of NSW

Follow the Leader. Whilst talent can propel lawyers into senior roles, this doesn’t necessarily come with a handbook on how to lead. Rachel Setti delves into some of the critical requirements required for effective leadership. Rachel Setti can be contacted for a copy of this article. Click here for article 

Leadership - LSJ - May 2015

The Law Society of NSW

The Impact of Core Values at Work. Developing a Positive Corporate Culture. Click here for article.

Core Values - LSJ - August 2015

The Law Society of NSW

Time to Audit your values. Making Time to Compare you Personal Values and those of your Workplace can Boost Performance and Decrease Stress.  Click here for article.

Time to Audit your Values