Specialising in Individual and team coaching in the following areas:

Leadership Capability

Leaders, having achieved much success in their chosen field, often find themselves grappling with the people management component that accompanies their success. We identify and hone in on specific issues, and through a focussed process of self-reflection and decisive action enable our leaders to achieve their goals and ambitions.

Career Progression

We empower individuals to build on existing strengths and face their career challenges. By identifying the elements which may be hindering career progression - such as interpersonal style, communication, self-confidence etc. - we tailor a solution focussed approach to overcome the barriers.

Team Development

Communicative, open and transparent teams are those which prosper and flourish. We facilitate groups to become cohesive teams by introducing optimum ways of working, and enabling them to develop effective behavioural systems, thus propelling them towards success.

Our Consulting Model